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123. Disneyn piirrosfilmilista 1928-1967

Vuosikymmenten aikana olen ehtinyt nähdä kymmenittäin Disneyn lyhytfilmejä Akusta, Mikistä, Hessusta ja Plutosta, Helsingin elokuvateattereissa, Helsingin Sanomain museossa ja televisiokanavilla. Paljonko, ja miten suuren osan kaikista, sitäpä en ole laskenut enkä tiedä. Entä millainen on ollut filmeissä käytettyjen aiheiden kirjo?

Helsingin pääkirjaston Pasilan kirjavarastosta löytynyt isokokoinen teos auttaa selvittämisessä:

"The Disney Studio Story" (Richard Holliss & Brian Sibley) Octopus 1988

Poimin Disneyn lyhyet (7 minuutin) piirrosfilmit
40 vuoden ajalta 1928-1967
(poislukien "Silly Symphonies")

(PITKIÄ filmejä 87, lisätty listaan teoksesta
Neal Gabler: Walt Disney, Amerikkalaisuuden ikoni (Wsoy 2008)
Aku Ankka (DD) 124 kpl
Mikki Hiiri (MM) 120 kpl
Pluto (P) 47 kpl
Hessu (G) 47 kpl

MM Steamboat Willie
MM Gallopin Gaucho - Argentina
MM Plane Crazy
MM The Barn Dance

MM The Opry House - piano
MM When the Cat's away - real size piano keybords
MM The Barnyard Battle - against cats
MM The Plow Boy - milk a cow, Clarabelle Cow & Horace Horsecollar, a bee
MM The Carnival Kid - hot dog seller, serenade
MM Mickey's Follies - "Minnie's Yoo Hoo"
MM Choo Choo - locomotives
MM The Jazz Fool
MM Jungle Rhytm
MM The Haunted House - storm, ghosts
MM Wild Waves - seaside, Mickey rescues Minnie

MM Just Mickey - wig, violinist
MM The Barnyard Concert - farm animals
MM The Cactus Kid - caballero, Peg Leg Pedro
MM The Fire Fighters
MM The Shindig - farm animals
MM The Chain Gang - Mickey pursued by wardens & Pluto?
MM The Gorilla Mystery - zoo, gorilla looks like Peg Leg Pete
MM The Picnic - Minnie's pet dog
MM Pioneer Days - Minnie is captured by indians

MM The Birthday Party - piano as a present, Horace H, Clarabelle Cow, a duck...
MM Traffic Troubles - drives taxi, flat tyre
MM The Castaway - like Robinson Crusoe
MM The Moose Hunt - PLUTO speaks & flies with his ears
MM The Delivery Boy - dance, Pluto & dynamite
MM Mickey Steps Out - mud, soot, Pluto chases a cat
MM Blue Rhythm - Minnie sings
MM Fishin' around - police officer tries to arrest M & Pluto
MM The Barnyard Broadcast - alley cats wreck the studio
MM The Beach Party - Clarabelle Cow & Pluto, octopus
MM Mickey Cuts Up - tornado, Pluto, runaway lawn mover
MM Mickey's Orphans - basketful of kittens, Christmas tree

MM The Duck Hunt - M & Pluto, angry ducks
MM The Crocery Boy - Pluto steals the turkey
MM The Mad Dog - bath, Pluto swallows the soap, Pete the dog-catcher
MM Barnyard Olympics - bicycle race
MM Mickey's Revue - GOOFY's debut! Pluto chases cats on stage, Horace H.
MM Musical Farmer - egg-laying hen, flashligth explosion
MM Mickey in Arabia - tourists, drunken camel, a sheik kidnapping Minnie
MM Mickey's Nightmare - marrying Minnie, storks bring lots of baby mice
MM Trader Mickey - jungle, Pluto, cannibals, musical instruments
MM The Whooper Party - even some of the furniture joining in the dancing
MM Touchdown Mickey - football & alley cats
MM The Wayward Canary - bathing in ink
MM The Klondyke Kid - Peg Leg Pierre's log cabin
MM Mickey's Good Deed - street musician Mickey sells Pluto...

MM Building a Building - Minnie, Pete, frame of a skyscraper
MM The Mad Doctor - Pluto is kidnapped, horror castle
MM Mickey's Pal Pluto - rescues kittens
MM Mickey's Mellerdrammer - "Uncle Tom's (Mickey) Cabin", Horace
MM Ye Olden Days - medieval minstrel Mickey frees Minnie, Prince Dippy = Goofy
MM The Mail Pilot - bandit Pete (Pete=Musta Pekka eli Jopi Jalkapuoli)
MM Mickey's Mechanical Man - inventor, robot, boxing gorilla
MM Mickey's Gala Premiere - dream, Chaplin, Mae West, Laurel & Hardy, Dietrich, Gable
MM Puppy Love - Pluto loves Fifi, swaps candy to bones, Minnie forgives...
MM The Steeple Chase - Mickey as jockey
MM The Pet Store - Minnie, gorilla, King Kong...
MM Giantland - Mickey tells how he climbed the beanstalk (as Jack)

MM Shanghaied - Minnie, Peg Leg Pete's band of cutthroats
MM Camping Out - Minnie, Horace, mosquitoes, Clarabelle's bloomers
MM Playful Pluto - entangled in a piece of flypaper!
MM Gulliver Mickey - Lilliputians
Silly Symphonies: The Wise Little Hen - First DONALD DUCK! (& the only Peter Pig)
MM Mickey's Steam Roller - Mickey's nephews
MM Orphan's Benefit - Donald & Goofy together! DD sings "Mary had a little lamb..."
MM Mickey plays Papa - stops an abandoned baby from crying
MM Dognapper - Donald, Minnie's Pekinese, Peg Leg Pete
MM Two-Gun Mickey - Minnie, Pete's bandits

SS: The Tortoise and the Hare - Oscar Winner!
MM Mickey's Man Friday - a native and cannibals, Crusoe BLACK&WHITE
MM The Band Concert - 'William Tell' overture, Donald as a nuisance-maker COLOR!
MM Mickey's Service Station - Goofy, Donald, only a cricket in Peg Leg Pete's car...
MM Mickey's Kangaroo - Pluto, LAST Black & White!
MM Mickey's Garden - bugs eating plants, M sprays insecticide on himself
MM Mickey's Fire Brigade (2) - Goofy, Donald, 'rescue' bathing Clarabelle Cow
MM Pluto's Judgment Day - nightmare, on trial for chasing cats
MM On Ice - Minnie skating, Goofy fishing, Pluto, Donald
SS: Three Orphan Kittens - Oscar Winner!

MM Mickey's Polo Team - Donald, Goofy, Oliver Hardy, Harpo Marx...
MM Orphan's Picnic - Donald, youngsters, beehive
MM Mickey's Grand Opera - Donald & Clara Gluck sing a duet, Pluto & magician's hat!
MM Thru the Mirror - like Lewis Carroll's Alice
MM Mickey's Rival - Mortimer Mouse woos Minnie away from Mickie. Bull escapes
MM Moving Day - Landlord Pete evicts M & Donald. Goofy the Iceman moves their furniture
MM Alpine Climbers - Donald & mountain goat, Pluto & St. Bernard, Mickey & eagle
MM Mickey's Circus - Captain Donald & his performing sea lions!
MM Donald & Pluto - Pluto swallows a magnet
MM Mickey's Elephant - jealous Pluto puts pepper in Bobo's trunk
SS: The Country Cousin - Oscar Winner. Abner Mouse & Monty Mouse

MM The Worm Turns - a magic fluid increases the size of animals, a fly, a cat chases Pluto
MM Don Donald - 1. SOLO & Donna Duck. Don trades his burro for a motor car
MM Magician Mickey - Donald heckling Mickey's stage performance
MM Moose Hunters - Donald & Goofy disguise themselves as an alluring female moose
MM Mickey's Amateurs - radio broadcast with DD, C.Cow, C.Gluck, Goofy's one-man-band
MM Modern Inventions - Art deco designs, a robot butler keeps taking DONALD's hat!
MM Hawiian Holiday - Pluto & starfish, surf-boarding Goofy, Minnie, Donald
MM Clock Cleaners - Mickey, Donald & Goofy - "ONE OF THEIR BEST SHORTS"
P Ploto's Quin-Puplets - Fifi & five puppies
DD Donald's Ostrich - swallows a radio and gives Donald a serious bout of hiccoughs
MM Lonesome Ghosts - spooky mansion & 3 ghost exterminators, Donald, Goofy, Mickey

DD Self Control - Smiling Uncle Smiley philosophizes on the radio. Donald tries...
MM Boat Builders - MGD, Minnie breaks a bottle...
DD Donald's Better Self - good- and bad-selves discussing
DD Donald's Nephews - Donald's sister Dumbella never wants Huey, Dewey & Louie back...
MM Mickey's Trailer - Mountain path, Goofy's car & runaway trailer... Donald & Mickey
DD Polar Trappers - Goofy & walrus, 'Pied Piper' Donald & penguins
DD Good Scouts - HDL, Donald, geyser Old Faithful, angry bear
DD The Fox Hunt - Goofy, a friendly skunk chases the hunters away
MM The Whalers - Goofy swallowed like Jonah, Donald almost eaten, Mickey saves the day
MM Mickey's Parrot - 'Killer' is only an escaped parrot. Pluto
MM Brave Little Tailor - Mickey's killed only 7 flies, but the King sends him to kill a giant. Oscar?
DD Donald's Golf Game - HDL a grasshopper

DD Donald's Lucky Day - Number 13. The parcel contains a bomb, tons of fish, black cats
MM Society Dog Show - ridiculed Pluto rescues a Pekinese Fifi
G Goofy and Wilbur - pet grasshopper
DD Hockey Champ - HDL & D
DD Donald's Cousin Gus - a gluttonous goose eats Donald out of house and home
DD Beach Picnic - Pluto, a colony of ants...
DD Sea Scouts - HDL, 'Admiral' Donald, duck-eating shark
MM The Pointer - (airbrushed!) Pluto, a bear, a supper of beans
DD Donald's Penguin - eats his pet fish and wrecks his home...
DD The Autograph Hound - studio, Mickey Rooney, Shirley Temple
DD Officer Duck - arrests villainous Pete by posing as a baby

p2: PINOCCHIO (Carlo Collodi) - Oscar Winner!
MM Tugboat Mickey - G & DD, ship explodes
DD The Riveter - "Heigh Ho!" construction site, Harold Lloyd -style antics
DD Donald's Dog Laundry - canine washing device & Pluto
DD Billposters - DD & a stubborn goat, Goofy entangled in the sails of a windmill
DD Mr Duck Steps Out - Donald visits Daisy, but there are his nephews, too...
P Bone Trouble - a bulldog, Hall of Mirrors
DD Put-Put Troubles - DD & Pluto go boating, outboard motor like a can-opener...
DD Donald's Vacation - folding chair, chipmunks, a bear, canoe
MM Pluto's Dream House - Mickey wishing on a magic lamp, building a new kennel
DD Window Cleaners - a skyscraper, a bee, sleepy Pluto
MM Mr Mouse Takes a Trip - "No dogs without a ticket!" conductor Pete, Pluto in a suitcase
p3: FANTASIA -Oscar Winner!
G Goofy's Glider - the right and wrong way of taking to the air
DD Fire Chief - Donald connects the water hose to a gasoline supply, HDL
P Pantry Pirate - Pluto, trying to steal the Sunday roast, devastates the kitchen

DD Timber - trees, axes, saws, Pete alias Pierre, chase on rairoad handcars
P Pluto's Playmate - a baby seal & Pluto's ball
MM The Little Whirlwind - Mickey, fallen leaves of Minnie's backyard & a baby tornado
DD Golden Eggs - Donald disguises himself as a chicken & meets a watchful rooster
P Gentleman's Gentleman - Pluto is sent to collect Mickey's newspaper, but the wind...
G Baggage Buster - Stationmaster Goofy & a magician's trunk, kangaroo, bull, skeleton, dino
DD Good Time for a Dime - penny arcade, to win money in a claw-machine game...
P Canine Caddy - the golf course is wrecked by a mischievous gopher (suom. siiseli)
p4: THE RELUCTANT DRAGON - Disney's first semi-live action!
MM The Nifty Nineties - Minnie, 1890's vaudeville show, horseless carriage...
DD Early to Bed - insomnia, ticking of his alarm clock
DD Truant Officer Donald - but HDL:s school is closed for the summer vacation! Oscar Nominee!
MM Orphan's Benefit - (Technicolor remake of b/w short 1934)
DD Old MacDonald Duck - hen- & pig-farmer DD sings "Old MacDonald Had a Farm..."
P Lend a Paw (remake of b/w 1933 'Mickey's Pal Pluto' rescues kittens) Oscar Winner!
p5: DUMBO - flying elephant. Oscar Winner!
DD Donald's Camera - 'Shoot nature with a camera, not a gun', skunks, woodpeckers...
G The Art of Skiing - Goofy demonstrates...
DD Chef Donald - DD accidentally mixes rubber cement with waffle batter...
G The Art of Self Defence - boxing Goofy is knocked out by his own shadow!

DD The Village Smithy - attempts to shoe Jenny the donkey...
MM Mickey's Birthday Party - (Remake of b/w 1931) Clara G. dances, Goofy bakes a cake
P Pluto, Junior - a mischievous puppy
MM Symphony Hour - radio broadcast sponsored by Mr Macaroni (Peg Leg Pete) G, DD
DD Donald's Snow Fight - nephews' snowman, Donald's fortress, catapults, hot coals...
DD Donald Gets Drafted - sergeant Pete, Donald peeling potatoes
P The Army Mascot - barbed wire, free meals, goat Gunther, ammunitions dump
DD Donald's Garden - a gopher is trying to eat Donald's entire vegetable patch
P The Sleepwalker - somnambulant Pluto gives a bone to a female dachshund (mäyräkoira)
DD Donald's Gold Mine - a burro & gold cleaning machinery turn D. into a 'gold brick duck'
p6: BAMBI - Oscar Nominee!
P T-Bone for Two - Pluto steals a juicy bone from Butch the bulldog
G How to Play Baseball
DD The Vanishig Private - Sergeant Pete. A top-secret paint makes Donald invisible
G the Olympic Champ - walking, running, pole vaulting, discus and javelin-throwing...
G How to Swim - Goofy's balletic movements...
DD Sky Trooper - Donald loses his parachute and clings to Sergeant Pete
P Pluto at the Zoo - steals a bone from a lion, kangaroo, gorilla, alligators
G How to Fish
DD Bellboy Donald - 'The guest is always right' and in this hotel he is Pete

DD Der Fuehrer's Face - Donald dreams he is living in Nazi Germany ! Oscar Winner!
DD Donald's Tire Trouble - four flat tyres, the jack breaks and the radiator explodes
p7: SALUDOS AMIGOS - South America, DD, G, parrot Joe Carioca. Oscar Nominee!
P Pluto and the Armadillo - Brazil, MM, P & his friend armadillo (suom. vyötiäinen)
DD Flying Jalopy - insurance policy. Ben Buzzard tries to sabotage Donald's plane
P Private Pluto - chipmunks CHIP and DALE (yet unnamed) make their debut!
DD Fall Out - Fall In - Private Donald marches through sun, wind and rain, falls to sleep
G Victory Vehicles - Goofy demonstrates various forms of transportation, pogo stick...
FIGARO and Cleo - Pinocchio's cat and goldfish
DD The Old Army Game - Sergeant Pete chases Donald. Donald seriously injured?
DD Home Defence - trained aircraft spotter DD falls asleep, HDL make practical jokes

G How to Be a Sailor - first history, but then Goofy smashes into Japanese boats!
DD Trombone Trouble - even Gods try to stop Pete's trombone-playng (suom. pasuuna)
G How to Play Golf
DD Donald Duck and the Gorilla - gorilla breaks into house, but HDL save the day
DD Contrary Condor - Donald is caught stealing eggs by the morher bird
DD Commando Duck - confrontation with Japanese army. Donald's life-raft explodes
P Springtime for Pluto - Fantasia's Pan awakens Pluto
DD The Plastics Inventor - Do-It-Yourself-Donald makes a plastic aircraft, which melts
G How to Play Football - Oscar Nominee!
P First Aiders - Minnie practises her nursing skills, Pluto is the patient, much to Figaros delight!
DD Donald's Off Day - HDL trick Donald into believing that he is too ill to go out (dir. Hannah)
p9: THE THREE CABALLEROS - South Am. DD, rooster Panchito, Carioca, Oscar Nominee!

DD The Clock Watcher - department store job, lazy Donald
P Dog Watch - a wharf rat tries to steal captain's dinner, but Pluto keeps guard
DD The Eyes Have It - Donald hypnotizes Pluto (mouse, lion...) (director Jack Hannah)
G African Diary - Goofy's little safari at Ivory Coast, 24 Nov - 13 Dec (Friday)
G Tiger Trouble - Goofy on the back of an elephant
DD Donald's Crime - Donald steals money from his nephews' piggy bank. Oscar Nominee!
G Californy 'er Bust - indians attack a wagon train full of Goofy look-a-likes
P Canine Casanova - Pluto's sweetheart (dachshund) is a mother of several puppies!
DD Duck Pimples - Donald reads a crime book from which the characters come to life
P The Legend of Coyote Rock - Pluto saves some lambs from a coyote
DD No Sail - DD & G sailing on rented boat, they must feed the 5 c coin box! (dir. Hannah)
G Hockey Homicide - Goofy playing ALL the parts!
DD Cured Duck - Daisy forces Donald to buy an 'Insult machine' which cures bad temper
DD Old Sequola - Donald tries to guard an ancient tree from beavers

G A Knight for a Day - hand of Princess Penelope (director Jack Hannah)
P Pluto's Kid Brother - a puppy, an alley cat, a bulldog, a dog-catcher
P In Dutch - Pluto & his sweetheart Dinah and a leaking dyke
P Squatter's Rights - Chip an' Dale live inside a stove (dir. Hannah) Oscar Nominee!
P The Purloined Pup - Butch the bulldog kidnaps the puppy Ronnie
DD Donald's Double Trouble - Daisy falls for Donald's double. Fight in the Tunnel of Love
DD Wet Paint - a tiny bird walks across Donald's newly painted car
DD Dumb Bell of the Yukon - Donald travels to the Arctic to get Daisy a new fur coat. Bears
DD Lighthouse Keeping - antics of a pelican (dir. Jack Hannah)
FIGARO Bath Day - Minnie & (Pinocchio's) cat
DD Frank Duck Brings 'em Back Alive - wild Goofy of the Jungle (dir. Jack Hannah)
p10: THE HIT PARADE (Iskelmäparaati)
p11: SONG OF THE SOUTH - Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, Brer Bear. Oscar Winner!
G Double Dribble - two basketball teams of Goofy look-a-likes (dir. Jack Hannah)

P Pluto's Housewarming - a small turtle helps Pluto against Butch the Bulldog
P Rescue Dog - a baby seal steals Pluto's keg of brandy
DD Straight Shooters - Donald sabotages HDL's chances of winning prizes (dir. Hannah)
DD Sleepy Time Donald - Donald sleepwalks to Daisy's house
FIGARO and Frankie - Frankie the singing canary and Butch the Bulldog
DD Clown of the Jungle - an ornithological expedition (dir. Hannah)
DD Donald's Dilemma - Donald's magnificent singing voice
DD & G Crazy with the Heat - their car out of petrol in the middle of the desert
DD Bootle Beetle - the beetle tries to escape (dir. Hannah)
DD Wide Open Spaces - Donald has complained about the price of motel beds
p12: FUN AND FANCY FREE - Jiminy Cricket, Bongo the circus bear, DD, G, MM & Beanstalk
MM Mickey's Delayed Date - Minnie & a costume ball
G Foul Hunting - Goofy's gun fills with water (dir. Hannah)
P Mail Dog - Pluto's new friend Flutter Foot the snowshoe rabbit helps him deliver the mail
DD Chip an' Dale - home chopped up for firewood! (dir. Hannah) Oscar Nominee!
P Pluto's Blue Note - Pluto serenades in ordet to charm female dogs. Oscar Nominee!

G They're Off - horse racing (dir. Jack Hannah)
G The Big Wash - to bathe Dolores the elephant
DD Drip Dippy Donald - a dripping tap and attemps to sleep
MM Mickey Down Under - Pluto, boomerang, emu egg
DD Daddy Duck - kangaroo, bear rug & bear (dir. Hannah)
P Bone Bandit - a gopher uses bones in the construction of his home. Hayfewer
DD Donald's Dream Voice - a box of pills improves Donald's voice
p13: MELODY TIME (Säveltuokio)
P Pluto's Purchase - Mickey plans to give salami sausage to Butch the bulldog
DD The Trial of Donald Duck - dining without paying Pierre the waiter
P Cat Nap Pluto - Figaro the cat
DD Interior Decorator - wallpapers and a bee (dir. Hannah)
P Pluto's Fledcling - (suom. 'keltanokka') Orville the baby bird tries to fly
DD Soup's On - after an accident Donald thinks he is now an angel (dir. Hannah)
DD Three for Breakfast - rubber pancakes, Chip an' Dale fooled (dir. Hannah)
MM Mickey and the seal - a baby seal in the bathtub, Pluto tries to tell. Oscar Nominee!
DD Tea for Two Hundred - an army of ants & picnic lunch (dir. Hannah) Oscar Nominee!

P Pueblo Pluto - Mexico, spiny cacti, Mickey, a small puppet called Ronnie
DD Donald's Happy Birthday - HDL buying cigars (director Hannah)
DD Sea Salts - how Bootle Beetle & Donald survived on a desert island (dir. Hannah)
P Pluto's Surprise Package - a gift-wrapped turtle
P Pluto's Sweater - Minnie knits, sweeter shrinks, then Figaro the cat gets it
DD Winter Storage - Chip an' Dale & acorns, hockey game (dir. Hannah)
P Bubble Bee
DD Honey Harvester - Donald tries to steal bee's honey (dir. Hannah)
G Tennis Racquet - Goofy stars as both competitors
DD All in a Nutshell - Chip an' Dale & Donald's nut-butter store (dir. Hannah)
G Goofy Gymnastics
DD The Greener Yard - Bootle Beetle at Donald's garden (dir. Hannah)
P Sheep Dog - Pluto & lambs & coyotes Bent-Tail & Bent-Tail Junior
DD Slide, Donald, Slide - baseball game on the radio & a bee (dir. Hannah)
DD Toy Tinkers - chipmunks & Christmas presents (dir. Hannah) Oscar Nominee!
p14: LITTLE BLACK SHEEP (Pieni musta lammas)

P Pluto's Heart Throb - Pluto, not Butch, rescues Dinah from the swimming pool
DD Lion Around - first HDL dressing up as a lion, then a real lion (dir. Hannah)
P Pluto and a Gopher - flower thief
p16: CINDERELLA - Oscar Nominee!
The Brave Engineer - Casey Jones
DD Crazy Over Daisy - Chip an' Dale sabotage Donald's attempts, MM & G (dir. Hannah)
P Wonder Dog - Pluto accomplishes all the circus stunts. Dinah, Butch
DD Trailer Horn - Chip an' Dale catapult Donald's car into a cliff (dir. Hannah)
P Primitive Pluto - hunting for food in the wild with a small wolf Primo
P Puss-Cafe - Melvin, a Siamese cat, tries to steal milk & fish
G Motor Mania - a bad driver
p17: TREASURE ISLAND (näytelty)
P Pests of the West - coyotes try to steal hens
P Food for Feudin' - Pluto & Chip an' Dale fight over some nuts
DD Hook, Lion and Sinker - stealing fish from Donald (dir. Hannah)
P Camp Dog - coyotes, Bent-Tail Junior thinks Pluto is on the menu
DD Bee at the Beach - Donald as shark bait (dir. Hannah)
G Hold That Pose - to capture a bear on film
DD Out on a Limb - Donald's tree pruner & Chip an' Dale (dir. Hannah)

G Lion Down - a lion & Goofy's roof garden
CD Chicken in the Rough - Chip an' Dale & an angry rooster (dir. Hannah)
P Cold Storage - Pluto fights with a stork over possession of his kennel
DD Dude Duck - to saddle a horse, angry bull, animated girls (dir. Hannah)
G Home Made Home - Goofy's housewarming party. His house collapses
DD Corn Chips - Chip an' Dale, Donald's box of pop-corn explodes (dir. Hannah)
G Cold War - a cold virus
P Plutopia - Pluto dreams that his butler is a cat
DD Test Pilot Donald - Chip an' Dale & Donald's model aircraft (dir. Hannah)
G Tomorrow We Diet
DD Lucky Number - suspicious Donald wrecks a new car he had really won (dir. Hannah)
p18: ALICE IN WONDERLAND (Lewis Carroll) - Oscar Nominee!
MM R'coon Dawg - Hunting. A raccoon (pesukarhu) steals Mickey's coonskin cap
G Get Rich Quick - Goofy wins at poker. His wife keeps all the money
P Cold Turkey - Pluto is brainwashed by a TV commercial
G Fathers are People - Goofy & Junior
DD Out of Scale - Donald's miniature railway & Chip an' Dale (dir. Hannah)
G No Smoking
DD Bee on Guard - Donald disguises himself as an enormous insect (dir. Hannah)

G Father's Lion - a camping trip
G Hello Aloha - Hawaii
DD Donald Applecore - Donald's large orchard & Chip an' Dale (dir. Hannah)
CD Two Chips and a Miss - Chip an' Dale & chipmunk nightclub singer (dir. Hannah)
G Man's Best Friend - Goofy's pet dog allows burglars in, but attacs Goofy
DD Let's Stick Together - Donald and the Bee team up to manufacture clothes (dir. Hannah)
G Two Gun Goofy - Goofy captures the villainous Pete
G Teachers are People
DD Uncle Donald's Ants - the ants take over his entire house (dir. Hannah)
MM Pluto's Party - neighbourhood children push him around. MM saves him a slice of cake
DD Trick or Treat - Halloween, HDL & Witch Hazel (dir. Hannah)
G Two Weeks Vacation - in jail, at last, Goofy gets to relax
MM Pluto's Christmas Tree - Chip an' Dale are living there (dir. Hannah)
G How To Be a Detective - Goofy as Johnny Eyeball, Private Eye
p19: ROBIN HOOD (näytelty)

p20; PETER PAN (J.M. Barrie)
G Father's Day Off - Goofy and household chores
MM The Simple Things - fishing, seagulls. (Mickey's last film before 1983)
G For Whom the Bulls Toil - Goofy mistaken for a matador when visiting Mexico
DD Don's Fountain of Youth - DD tricks HDL (dir. Hannah)
G Father's Week-End
G How to Dance
DD The New Neighbor - Pete as Mr Suburbia throws rubbish (dir. Hannah)
DD Rugged Bear - hides in Donald's cabin (dir. Hannah) Oscar Nominee!
BEN AND ME - Benjamin Franklin & Amos Mouse. Oscar Nominee!
DD Working for Peanuts - CD steal peanuts. Elephant's trunk like a machine gun (dir. Hannah)
G How to Sleep - the worst case of insomnia ever seen
DD Canvas Back Duck - Donald against a vicious fighter 'Peewee Pete' (dir. Hannah)
p21: THE SWORD AND THE ROSE (Miekka ja ruusu) (näytelty)

DD Spare the Rod - HDL, Donald's conscience, cannibals (dir. Hannah)
DD Donald's Diary - a suburbanite DD recalls his escape from marrying Daisy
CD The Lone Chipmunks - Pete hides stolen money in their tree
DD Dragon Around - CD beat Donald's hydraulic monster (dir. Hannah)
DD Grin and Bear It - Humphrey the Bear tries to trick tourist Donald
DD The Flying Squirrel - the squirrel challenges Donald to a fight and wins (dir. Hannah)
p23: ROB ROY
p25: 20'000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA (Jules Verne)
DD Grand Canyonscope - Donald & his burro fill the entire canyon with rubble

DD No Hunting - the forest is full of hunters (dir. Hannah)
p26: DAVY CROCKETT (näytelty)
p27: LADY AND THE TRAMP (Kaunotar ja Kulkuri)
p29: KAKSI YSTÄVYSTÄ (näytelty)
DD Bearly Asleep - Humphrey is looking for somewhere to hibernate (dir. Hannah)
DD Beezy Bear - Humphrey attempts to steal Donald's honey (dir. Hannah)
DD Up a Tree - CD's felled tree breaks Donald's car & house (dir. Hannah)

DD Chips Ahoy - CD 'borrow' Donald's model ship
DD How To Have An Accident In the Home - a lesson on safety
p30: SUURI JUNARYÖSTÖ (näytelty)

The People and Places: Lappland
p35: PERRI (dokumentti-fiktio)
p36: ERÄMETSÄN SANKARIT (näytelty)

The Sign of Zorro
p37: THE LIGHT IN THE FOREST (näytelty)
p39: TONKA (näytelty)

DD Donald in Mathmagic Land - square root trees. Oscar Nominee!
p40: SLEEPING BEAUTY - Oscar Nominee!
p42: McBRIDE JA HALTIJAT (näytelty)

p44: TOPI JA TUMPPI (näytelty)
p45: EBENEZERIN JUONI (näytelty)
Kidnapped (R.L. Stevenson) (näytelty)
p46: POLLYANNA (näytelty) (Eleanor H. Porter) - Oscar Winner!
p47: ZORRON MERKKI (näytelty)
p50: ROBINSONIN PERHE (näytelty)

DD Donald and the Wheel - 'the basic consept of the whole universe'
p51: 101 DALMATIANS (Dodie Smith)
p53; ANSA VANHEMMILLE (näytelty)
p54: NIKKI, PELOTON KOIRA (dokumentti-fiktio)
G Aquamania - water-skiing & an octopus

p57: KUU KIIKARISSA (näytelty)
p58: PÄIN PARIISIA (näytelty)
p59: BIG RED - ORPOPOJAN YSTÄVÄ (näytelty)
The Prince and the Pauper (Mark Twain)
p60: PIKKUENKELIT (näytelty)
p61: LOBO, HARMAASUSI (dokumentti-fiktio)
p62: In Search of the Castaways (Jules Verne) kapt. Grantin lapset (näytelty)

p65: HURJA SAM (näytelty)
p66: KESÄN TAIKAA (näytelty)
p68: THE SWORD IN THE STONE (T.H. White) - Oscar Nominee!
p69: MIRRIN 3 ELÄMÄÄ (näytelty)

p70: MERLIN JONES (näytelty)
p71: TIIKERIN JÄLJILLÄ (näytelty)
p72: VAAROJEN LAHTI (näytelty)
p73: MARY POPPINS (Pamela L. Travers) - Oscar Winner!
p74: SALAPOLIISIT (näytelty)

G Goofy's Freeway Trouble - a careless motorist, 'Stupidicus Ultimus'
p76: 10'000'000 DOLLARIN SHEKKI (näytelty)
p77: PAHUKSEN KATTI (näytelty)

WINNIE THE POOH and the Honey Tree (A. A. Milne)
p78: HASSUT TASSUT (näytelty)
p79: Lt. Robin Crusoe U.S.N. (näytelty)
p81: TÄSSÄ SITÄ TULLAAN (näytelty)
(Walt Disney 5.12.1901-15.12.1966)

p82: APINAT MENKÄÄ KOTIIN (näytelty)
p85: VEKKULIT VAUHDISSA (näytelty)
p86 THE JUNGLE BOOK (Rudyard Kipling) - Oscar Nominee!
Scrooge McDuck and Money - a lecture
Goofy Adventures - a compilation of 10 shorts (Hessu Hassuttelee?)

DD 1+7+8+8+8+8+6+6+7+5+8+8+8+6+6+4+5+7+4+2+1+1 = 124 Aku-filmiä
MM 4+11+9+12+14+12+9+8+10+9+5+2+3+3+2+1+2+1+2+1 = 120 Mikki-filmiä
Pluto 1+2+4+5+2+2+3+4+4+4+5+8+3 = 47 Pluto-filmiä
Goofy 1+1+3+4+1+3+4+2+1+2+2+2+7+7+5+1+1 = 47 Hessu-filmiä

(PITKIÄ filmejä 87, lisätty listaan teoksesta
Neal Gabler: Walt Disney, Amerikkalaisuuden ikoni (Wsoy 2008)